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Male (assumed)
Bus (technically a bus driver)
Voice Actor (Japanese):
Naoko Matsui
Voice Actor (English):
Frank Welker

Catbus is a character in Studio Ghibli's film My Neighbor Totoro. Catbus is a large character who is both a cat, and a bus. He takes spirits, such as Totoro wherever they want to go.

Catbus plays a major part in the film, as when Mei goes missing, Totoro gets Catbus to find her and take Satsuki  to her.


Catbus and the girls.

Catbus is a large grinning creature (based of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland) with a hollow body, which serves as a bus. He is completely covered in tan and brown fur, has a bushy tail and windows all round his sides. The windows can stretch to become doors when someone wants to board Catbus. Catbus has multiple legs, like a caterpillar and he can run, fly and jump anywhere. It's eyes can also shine a bright yellow light in the dark, light headlights. Catbus has a sign above his head, like a real bus, which shows his destination. When he has to go and find Mei, the destination on it changes to "Mei".



Totoro seems to have some kind of control over Catbus, perhaps since he is King of the Forest, he can make Catbus take him places, and Catbus will do things for him, such as help Satsuki find Mei.


In My Neighbor Totoro's sequel, Mei and the Kittenbus, Kittenbus is thought to be Catbus' offspring. Not much else is known. 

An artist's version of Catbus and Kittenbus together.

Cultural Impact

Catbus has become a popular character and is well known throughout Japan and various other areas around the world. Catbus is also a popular plush toy and many other characters have been based on him.

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